Who am I ?!

I'm a Technology Enthusiast & Coder for Profession as for Love and Passion;
I'm a Nerd & Geek. Always have been. Even before it was cool to say it out loud!
I'm a Software Developer & Engineer;
I'm a Senior & Lead;
I'm a Solution Architect & Proactive Problem Solver;
I'm a Team Lead & Team Manager;
I'm a Head of Technology... just 2" away to be a CTO!

...so: hell NO! I'm not your next codeMonkey!
nor one of those droids the Empire Scum is looking for!

About my Projects...

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    Dreams in my drawer!

Techs and Skills

Tech Skill

What follows is a (non-complete) list of technologies I would like to continue working with. Please note that such a list is continuously updated, since I love to learn new skills and improve myself (especially in an always-evolving field like IT) and my approach is also to use the best available tech for each problem, and not to revert to just those I feel most comfortable with.


Language skill

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Spain for quite some time and then to Australia for two Years. Well I also spent some time watching Star Trek throughout my life so...

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Klingon

Work Experience

... almost 20 years and still enthusiastically counting!

I started my adventure in Software Development pretty much when I was a kid but, don't worry, I promise I'll bother you just with the most recent twenty years in which I made it my career across Italy, Spain and Australia.

If interested in further details, please reach out to me (I'd be glad to discuss them in more depth).

Also, more information can be obtained from resume.ohiaia.com (Work Experience and Key Projects sections).

Career Expectation

It's not my first rodeo

I mean, after my years of experience I have learnt some tricks and seen a couple of things. As much as it is more than clear to me that I do not know everything (well... as nobody does!).
I "just" do know what I want to do.

In my career I have successfully covered a range of different roles, from Software Developer to Project Tech Lead and Manager. I am currently looking for a new team leading role with focus on product definition, design and development. My goal is to help a team tackling problems and developing the best working solutions possible. My experience and natural curiosity has allowed me to be able to choose which tech is the most appropriate for each problem, and to define the most correct implementation strategy.

My personal idea of Leading is not just bossing around assigning tasks. I love pair working, mentoring and, why not, getting my hands dirty with some lines of code while testing and building PoCs, if my spare time allows me!

I have experience in dealing with C-suite members and a track record of amazing interactions and positive feedback with/from them (thanks also to my business management skills). I strongly believe that my role should work in sync with project managers, particularly around budgeting and planning. When this did not happen, though, I've consistently proven myself able to cater for both roles (PM and tech lead).

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