Well, ok, no more Jedi tricks. Moreover they work only on weak minds ... I don't want to work for weak minds. Nobody does.

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In Brief

I’m well known to be a problem solver and technology explorer, able to use my skills to foresee upcoming trends and continuously evolving my professional abilities. I find working in close contact with clients and R&D highly rewarding, loving to fill the gap between theory and practice and promote the newer technologies (e.g. cloud computing) as a practical tools which are vital to the vibrant world we live in. One of my main drivers is the love for solving problems, especially when such solutions meet the client needs and requests. I have a natural skill for sorting out a client’s “million-pieces puzzle” and return a nice and meaningful full-framed picture.

Among my interests, the working of the human mind and its combination with the most recent AI technology are the most important. In particular, my background and experience in both software engineering and psychology are pretty handy for this. I love to move from the classical (although recently very hyped) “machine learning” approach and explore advanced and more innovative solutions. One of my main drives is the continuous research for challenges that can be tackled with technology and innovation. For this, I’m not afraid of setting my mind into “study-hard” mode and learn new languages, tools, approaches, algorithms, etc.

People I worked with all share the same opinion that I’m a “collaborative-work animal”, since I strongly believe that only working with different people, sharing knowledge and not be scared of learn new things from others are the basic ingredients of a great team. As my mentor used to say, from synergies come the most worthful products.

Most of my spare time is spent on study and research, upskilling myself and sharing my life attitude with my children. Moreover, I collaborate with friends on a number of no-profit projects.

I’ve been living in Australia since January 2016, where I joined very interesting and exciting software developer MeetUp groups, Hackathons and discussions. At the moment I’m hungrily looking for the next, new and exciting challenge.

Technology Summary

Sure: I use frameworks. And I don't. I also wrote a few of them. It just depends on what I want and need at any given time. I don’t believe in continuously reinvent the wheel, but when available libraries/tool don’t suffice my needs, I’ll happily rewrite my own ones.


I began breaking and fixing my first 286’s MSDOS when I was 8 years old. Since then, I worked through Windows using quite every version from 2.0 (well... it was not even an OS) to Win10. I approached UNIX, learned how to use Linux (survived the distro´s wars...) to finally start using the MacOS framework (from Yosemite & ElCapitán to Sierra now … and feeling very comfortable). What do I prefer to use?! Linux and MacOS. Indeed.


Vagrant (with Bash and/or better Ansible), Docker, Fabric, GIT are my “everyday tools”. Honestly, I think is quite impossible to list every language or OS and software I did use in my career. “apt-get” is a very close friend of mine! If the team needs/uses a specific technology software there's no other logic option than adapt ASAP.


My first love-loop was in ASP… and SQL was already there. Then I loved (and hated... and loved again) PHP. Python was a good OBJECT of study. We made some TESTs about be DRIVEN and DESIGN. Then NodeJS started making a lot of PROMISES. We trusted him and things started escalating quickly. GO is easy to read. Java's the old "badass". C++ The Rock. Ruby is elegant. Haskell is a matter of functionality, I guess.


From Oracle to Redis, passing through MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Access (sorry to had called Database THAT... ) and JET DB Engine; Sql or NoSQL?! "It doesn't matter to me! but it does to the server and the use you want to give it”…

Current Position

Friki profile

Alberto Falchi

a.k.a. Ohiaia

Currently I work as a Freelance Full Stack Developer, Engineer & Architect (while I’m quite confused by the need for all these fashionable names and definitions). Even though I’m located in Brisbane, I’m also open to relocation elsewhere in Australia if a good opportunity arises.

VISA status: Being on a 500 (student) VISA, I’m entitled to (few) privileges and (many) constraints. In particular, such a visa sets a work limit of 40 hours per fortnight (but I always end working at least double that time, since a good software developer never stops coding and solving problems in his head). However, I’m fully eligible to apply for a 189 Skilled independent VISA (i.e. Permanent Residency) and also keen considering a potential sponsorship.

Interests: AI, in particular with a big data focus in both supervised and unsupervised learning. Thanks to my background in applied physiological psychology, I’m exploring new ways to develop new approaches to general (strong) AI, in contrast with the nowadays mainstream (weak) AI.

Programming languages: already fully proficient with Python, Javascript (NodeJS), PHP, and “getting there” with JAVA and GOLang. I plan to also master REACT (js and native) in the next few months. Finally, I’m getting myself prepared to use functional programming (Haskell, to start with) in a full development environment.

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